Semi-Conductor Laboratory (SCL) offers opportunity to academia to participate and contribute in conducting Research & Development (R&D) activities related to Micro-electronics with larger interest related to Space Science/ Technology/ Application. For taking-up such R&D by Academic Institutes/ Universities, financial support is provided through sponsoring approved Projects. This programme of Research Sponsored by ISRO is known as RESPOND. In special cases Research & Development Projects proposed by Non-academic R&D Laboratories can also be supported through this programme. For more detail please click the link RESPOND.

The major activity of RESPOND in SCL is to provide support to research projects in the field of Microelectronics and related applications. The major supported areas of research are as below:

  1. VLSI Design

  2. CMOS Process Technology

  3. MEMS Design & Process Technology

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Research Areas in VLSI Design, CMOS Process Technology, MEMS Design & Process Technology