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Proposal Submission Procedure

An individual or group(s) of scientists / engineers affiliated to any academic institution/autonomous R&D institutions and/or faculty members of recognised academic institutions and universities may submit proposals. The Principal Investigator(s) should be full-time employee(s) of the concerned institution. The age limit for the Principal Investigator should be below 65 years (sixty five) including the project period.The Head of the academic institution must forward proposals with application for research grants. Proposals from individuals not affiliated to any recognized institution will not be considered.

The proposals should preferably be submitted in the areas of Semiconductors & MEMS (kindly refer to 'Research Areas' section for details) relevant to Space Science, Space Technology and Space Applications. There is no last date for submitting proposals. Each proposal must name a Principal Investigator who is a domain expert in the area to which the proposal belongs and who is a full time employee/faculty of the institution forwarding the application. There may also be Co-Investigator(s) from the same/different institutions working on the project. But satisfactory completion of a project will be the responsibility of the Principal Investigator and her/his institution. Each proposal should provide the following information :

Seven copies of the proposal on standard A4 size paper (297mmX210mm) should be prepared in the format. Please note that all the Forms - "Form-A", "Form-B", "Form-C" and the "Application for Grant of Funds" needs to be filled appropriately. (Forms can be downloaded from 'Download Forms' section)

Five copies of the proposal in the areas of Semiconductors and MEMS should be sent to following address :

Semi-Conductors Laboratory
Sector, 72
SAS Nagar 160071 (Near Chandigarh)
e-mail :

Two copies of the proposal must be sent to:

Capacity Building Programme Office (CBPO),
ISRO Head Quarters,
Department of Space,
Government of India
Antariksh Bhavan,
New BEL Road,
Bangalore - 560 231
e-mail :

Kindly send soft copy of the proposal to the mail ids given in the 'Contact Us' section.

Some illustrative examples of specific problems in the above-mentioned areas can be made available by ISRO from time to time by sharing the titles of the old projects. Proposers need not feel to be restricted in the selection of subjects, research areas etc for the proposals, but they need to demonstrate the intrinsic scientific merit. However, ISRO reserves the right to not to fund any proposal (s), if in its opinion, similar proposals are already funded or similar work is already done in ISRO.
Proposals will be evaluated by domain experts (internal and/or external) for its novelty, usefulness to Indian Space Programme and other Scientific/ technical merits. The proposal may call for changes based on review and the PI will have to re-submit the proposal incorporating the recommended changes. Proposers are informed about the outcome of the evaluation of their research proposals.

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