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List of RESPOND Proposals Under Consideration

S.No. Project Title
1. Design and Development of High Performance 12-bit 200 MSPS CMOS Pipelined ADC
2. Development of a Numerical Simulator for Microfabricated Electrospray Thrusters
3. Design of PLL with VCO, 40MHz - 1000MHz, Ultra Low Phase Noise - 110 dBc/Hz, Very Low RMS Jitter<180fs
4. Design and development of Power Analysis Attack Tolerant Cryptographic Processor for Security Critical Space Applications
5. Development of gas sensor devices for the detection of low concentration of CO, NH3 and H2 for space applications
6. Technology Development of RF Power LDMOS devices
7. Design and Development of High Performance Accelerator Architecture For PLL
8. Design and Development of RFMEMS Switch Integrated Reconfigurable Antenna for Millimeter wave Applications
9. Development of III-V multijunction solar cell
10. Fabrication of Ge-Sn based devices suitable for infra-red detection in SWIR wavelengths.
11. Design and development of High-Voltage (200-650V) GaN power transistors on Si
12. FPGA Implementation of (Fixed and Floating Point) High Speed Arithmetic Co-Processor using Vedic Mathematics
13. Design of Video Compression ASIC for IOT applications
14. Broadband RF Modeling of SCL 180-nm Process CMOS FETs valid for 20GHz
15. Design of 0.18um CMOS Flat Gain Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) for Satellite Subsystem.

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