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RESPOND is a sponsored research program of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) whose main objective is to encourage academia to participate and contribute in various Space related research activities. Under RESPOND, projects are taken up by Universities/Academic Institutions in the areas of relevance to Space Programme. This is the flagship programme of ISRO to promote the extra-mural research in emerging areas of Space at Academia.

Based on the mandate by ISRO, SCL offers Sponsored Research Programmes in the areas of Microelectronics pertaining to Design and Fabrication activities of Semiconductors & MEMS. The research proposals received from academia for consideration under RESPOND are accepted for taking up research along with appropriate technical and financial support, only after thorough review of proposals. In special cases research and development projects proposed by non-academic R & D laboratories can also be supported through this programme. The programme helps these institutions to stablish the necessary technical facilities and also provide fellowships to researchers to work on cutting edge research topics.

RESPOND programme is mutually beneficial to ISRO and Academia, wherein the rich talent of Academia/ faculty is being harnessed to support the Nationís Space programme.

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